Borges-Clarksburg Airport Closed Until Further Notice

Borges-Clarksburg Airport Closed To All Traffic!
From: Robert G. Wallace – Trustee Borges Family Trust of 1995
RE: Borges-Clarksburg Airport Temporary Closure

Effective February 16, 2015, Borges-Clarksburg Airport closed to all aircraft operations, including “low approaches” and simulated forced landings at the Airport, to ensure the safety of ground personnel and aircraft operators.

Borges-Clarksburg Airport ClosedAs the authorized representative of the Borges-Clarksburg Airport, a “private” airfield located approximately 5 miles south of Sacramento Executive Airport (“SAC”), I am requesting the assistance of local FAA Designated Pilot Examiners in notifying pilots, flight instructors and other airmen of the “Temporary Closure” of Borges-Clarksburg Airport.

In the past, pilots from Executive Airport and other nearby airfields have occasionally utilized Borges-Clarksburg Airport for training and testing to include practice “low approaches,” sod field “touch & go” operations, and short-field landing and takeoff maneuvers.

Until such time as runway maintenance and other actions are completed, please inform your associates and student that Borges-Clarksburg Airport is “Temporarily Closed” until further notice.
Robert G. Wallace