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Executive Flyer’s Inc. Aircraft Leaseback Program

If you are an aircraft owner that uses your plane less than 100 hours a year, the Executive Flyers, Inc. Leaseback Program can help you reduce your cost per flight hour! The Executive Flyers, Inc. An aircraft leaseback program allows you to rent your plane, but Executive Flyers, Inc. takes care of all the management. The additional income generated from rental hours can significantly lower your cost per flight hour. In some cases, our leaseback program can even generate an additional income for you.

Advantages of The Executive Flyers, Inc. Leaseback Program

Reduce Costs of Aircraft Ownership
Aircraft ownership has fixed costs that are calculated as “cost per flight hour”. The basic math is pretty simple, fly more hours and certain cost go down. A plane that flies for less than 50 hours a year has a much higher cost per flight hour than one which is flown 250 hours a year! It can make good economic sense to rent out your plane for additional flight hours and thus defray its costs.

Income Tax Benefits
A leaseback program allows you to deduct an annual tax depreciation, which is much larger than the planes actual market value. You can also deduct operating expenses such as fuel, insurance, interests on purchase loans and other costs of owing the plane since you are in the business of renting aircraft.

A Way New Aircraft Owners Can Avoid Sales Tax!
In the State of California, aircraft owners who lease out their airplane can have renters pay a use tax as opposed to paying sales tax at point of purchase. That can save you thousands of dollars!

Rental Income From Your Aircraft
Executive Flyers, Inc. Leaseback Program allows you to determine when and how many hours your aircraft is available. Executive Flyers, Inc. is like your property management company. It is in our vested interested to be sure any pilots that wish to rent your plane are competent and qualified! Furthermore, Executive Flyers, Inc. only leases to club members. Also, Executive Flyers, Inc. is based at Sacramento Executive Airport, one of the finest general aviation airports in Northern California!

The Executive Flyers, Inc. Aircraft Leaseback Program can be a winner for you! You win with lower operating costs, more income and tax benefits.

This information is intended to be a quick overview of the Executive Flyers, Inc. Aircraft Leaseback Program. Actual results depend on type of aircraft, how the program is arranged and other factors we would love to discuss. Call 916-427-1888 and ask for Steven for more information!

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