Estimated Costs To Complete Flight Training

Estimated Cost For Flight Training

Flight Training Overview
image: training new pilots at Executive Flyers, Inc.

This flight training program estimate at Executive Flyers, Inc. at the Sacramento Executive Airport is based on the legal minimum time for the private pilot course. Most students require more than this minimum to complete the courses. In the past, the average English speaking student has taken 50-60 hours to complete the course for an average cost of about $7877.00-$9265.00. The average time for a limited-English speaking student has been 70 hours.

Flight Training Estimate Based On FAA Minimum Hours
(FAA Minimum Hours Single Engine Flight School Total = 40 hours)

Club membership including first month’s dues $50
35 hours Cessna 172 Classic $4,060
20 hours flight instruction with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) $760
15 hours preflight/post-flight briefing w/ CFI $570
Private pilot kit of books and supplies $355

Total – $5,795

Executive Flyers, Inc. is a Sacramento, California flight school that offers no contract required as well as no “up front” tuition. We believe this helps make flying more affordable and builds trust in you get what you pay for.

Note that you have up to 90 days after your solo to get your endorsement.