New Ownership & Management For Sacramento’s Oldest Flight School

Former Senior Flight Instructor Steven Thompson is now the new owner of Executive Flyers, Inc. Mr. Thompson acquired Executive Flyers, Inc. from the founder and previous owner, Mr. Ed Callaway. Mr. Thompson’s goal is to keep Sacramento area’s oldest flight training school, the safest, most convenient and most fun place to learn to fly in Northern California!

Expanding Flight Training and Retail Operations

image preflight check by new owner Steven Thompson Executive Flyers, Inc. SacramentoMr. Thompson is committed to increasing the scope of flight training and product offering at Executive Flyers, Inc. From advanced flight simulation hardware, up-to-date chart selections, pilot and aircraft accessories, expect to see more at the convenient location in the main terminal building at Executive Flyers, Inc.

New Flight Training Technology Coming To Executive Flyers, Inc.

In keeping with a focus on modern, safe and affordable ways to introduce flying to future pilots, Executive Flyers, Inc. is proud to announce an affiliation with TRC Simulations of the Netherlands. TRC Simulations is the manufacturer of cutting edge flight simulation equipment for light aircraft. The TRC Simulation “TRC 472” is inbound along with additional components including a 360 degree projector-based field of view system that will immerse pilots while using the simulation equipment. This will allow for both training and practice regardless the weather conditions. This will also allow for creating training weather environments that can safely challenge both student and professional pilots.