Help Executive Flyers Add A T206H To The Club

Seeking Interest From Flying Club Members and Other Local Pilots

Executive Flyers of Sacramento is looking to a input from club members and other local pilots that might be interested in access to a Cessna T206H.  We feel this would be an outstanding aircraft to add to our inventory and seek input from interested pilots.

About the Cessna T206H Stationair™

Cessna206HStationair public domainFirst thing about Cessna’s updated 206 series of aircraft, it may look like your average 182, but it has always been its own, unique six passenger aircraft. The Cessna 206 was originally introduced in 1964 and ceased production in 1986. In 1998, the 206H was introduced. The configuration of the newly certified aircraft was similar an earlier “utility” 206U with the standard pilot side door and a clamshell passenger/cargo door. This aircraft offers more passenger and luggage capacity along with the modern safety and navigation upgrades of the Garmin glass cockpit.

Garmin™ “SVT™ “Glass Cockpit”

Public Domain Synthetic Vision Cessna GarminThe potential Cessna T206H that we are excited about would be a turbo charged version with a Garmin-enhanced “Glass Cockpit”. Top of the line features would include both the Garmin “SVT™” Synthetic Vision Technology and GFC700 autopilot. These two features integrate seamlessly into the G1000 displays. The G1000 cockpit with “Syn Vis” offers an incredible safety upgrade. This enhanced cockpit offers incredible access to traffic, flight charts, approach plates, local airport weather and more. As some say, “Everyday is a VFR day with Synthetic Vision Technology”! Imagine seeing the runway regardless of visibility eight miles out!
Check out the short promo video:
Download Garmin SVT Synthetic Vision Technology Brochure

Share your interest with Executive Flyers!

We want this aircraft in our inventory. If this sounds like something you would like to fly, we want to hear from you. Not only will this aircraft offer incredible safety upgrades for experienced pilots, it will also add an incredible opportunity to train on what is clearly the “now” of general aviation. Let us know your interest in both flying and learning on a Cessna T206H™ with Synthetic Vision Technology and GFC autopilot by calling us at: 916-427-1888 or dropping us a quick note via the form below. Your input counts!
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Note: This post is to gauge interest to share with a potential owner leaseback. Final configuration of aircraft has not been determined, but “SVT” is the core interest of the pilot-owner. Whether or not it is the turbo version is probably yet decided.