Glass Cockpit Flight Simulator To Enhance Pilot Training

TRC Simulators Advanced Flight Training Device Coming To Executive Flyers, Inc.!
Just got word that any day now, TRC Simulators will be shipping a TRC 472-FG Flight System, their state-of-the-art advanced flight training device (ATFD) to be installed at the Executive Flyers, Inc. at Sacramento Metro Airport! TRC Simulators just shared the images below of the actual, cabin-based flight simulator being shipped.

From the website describing the G1000 enhanced TRC 472G Flight Deck:

The TRC 472-FG Flight Deck is so realistic that you can hardly tell the difference between the simulator and the real aircraft. Modeled after the popular Cessna® 172 Skyhawk, almost all details of the cockpit are reproduced the dimensions of the Skyhawk’s® panel. With a few exceptions, instrumentation and controls are located as in the popular aircraft and fully functional in a simulation mode.

The complete system inbound to Executive Flyers, the TRC 472-FG Flight System, includes the TRC 472G Flight Deck placed in a replica of the Cessna® 172 G1000 Skyhawk cockpit. The system will be installed inside our facilities at Sacramento Executive Airport.

The G1000 simulator is designed to provide a similar experience to the industry standard when it comes to all glass avionics general aviation pilots experience. Integration options include GPS, autopilot and other modern avionics features that enhance a pilots situational awareness.

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TRC 472FG with 180 degree view coming to Executive Flyers, Inc. SacramentoThe installation of the TRC 472-FG Flight System at our facilities will include a 180 degree panoramic view from within the cockpit! Combine that with cutting edge flight simulator software that features 20,000 airports as well as simulates the Garmin® “Glass Cockpit” experience!

We at Executive Flyers, Inc. are very excited about how the TRC 472-FG Flight System will enhance pilot training and education. Beyond the advanced ground school training, qualified pilots will find this a great tool to practice both VFR and IFR flight operations and more.

If you have considered acquiring an advanced flight trainer, Executive Flyer’s is an authorized dealer for TRC Simulator’s line of advanced flight simulators.

We do not have an exact “ready to fly date”, but have confirmed shipping prior to the end of June. Origin is the Netherlands. Like our Facebook to stay in touch!

 If you have any questions, feel free to call Executive Flyers, Inc. at 916-427-1888.