Aircraft Rental Sacramento – Executive Flyers, Inc.

Executive Flyers maintains a fleet of modern and classic Cessna aircraft. All rates are “wet” (includes the gasoline). For more information about aircraft rental in Sacramento, call 916.427.1888

Hourly Club Aircraft Rental Rates (Includes Fuel*)

Aircraft Model # Available Instrumentation Features Club Rate* Non Club Rate*
Cessna 172 Classic 4 Full IFR, 1 DME, 2 Garmin 430 IFR GPS $135 $150
Cherokee PA28 161 1 Garmin 530 WAAS ADSB In & Out $135 $150
Cessna 206 1 G1000 $320 $380
Updated 18 October 2023

Pilot and Insurance Requirements

Cessna 172 Classic & Cherokee PA28 161
Student pilot’s license or better and a checkout by an Executive Flyers instructor in the aircraft.

Cessna 206*
Check out to qualify renting and training for the Cessna 206 is $280 per hour. Call office for details.*

All Other Executive Flyer’s Rental Aircraft
Call for details.

Non-Club Rates

Join the Executive Flyers Club and save on aircraft rental rates!

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Additional Club Benefits
Monthly newsletter, 5% Discount on Most Pilot Supplies in addition to lower aircraft rental rates!

Need More Information On Aircraft Rentals in Sacramento?

Call 1-916-427-1888 For Information about our Sacramento Aircraft Rental Fleet
As the flying weather improves, demands on our fleet of Sacramento-based rental aircraft increase. Also, routine service and maintenance can affect aircraft availability. Calling Executive Flyers can help us coordinate your needs with our available aircraft.

Rental planes in Sacramento at Executive Flyers, Cessna, Piper, and More
Rental planes in Sacramento at Executive Flyers, Cessna, Piper, and More